Being in the online space, for personal use or for professional use, can be a pretty daunting and tricky thing for a lot of us.

So often, we equate digital presence to social media, but it is so much more than just your Facebook profile or Twitter account!

Let me explain.

In a time when everyone is on social media (and the internet in general), it’s extremely difficult for people to truly discern what they should be doing in the digital space to make the biggest impact in their business.

When people come to me for help with their business, I never refer to myself as a social media manager. Why? Because if we’re being really honest here, working with businesses and their digital footprint includes so much more than just managing their social media outlets.

Here’s a great example:

A client came to me wanting to increase their digital footprint and ensure that all paths were connected to each other, leading their potential clients all to the same spot in order to showcase their products and services!

We sat down, did research on where their ideal clients were hanging out, made a solid plan to show up in those places with the most relevant content, and completed market research that allowed us to see where the holes were in their business and digital footprint.

The strategy was put in place to really hone in on posting great content in a very specific area that spoke to her potential clients. We got very particular about posting at specific times of the day to really boost her engagement on her posts, and she was able to bring in new leads each week with her digital footprint across all social media outlets!

When you put yourself out into the world as a business owner, you need to put out the fact that you ARE the expert in your field! The way to do this is to increase your digital footprint and show up in the places your ideal clients are hanging out!

And because up until now you’ve probably only used social media as a platform to keep up with your family members who live far away, connect with old high school friends, or showcase pictures of your beautiful baby, you might not know the strategy behind actually getting out there and creating a digital footprint that is actually bringing in solid leads each and every week!

There’s something to be said about hiring someone to come in and help you with your business – it means you’re taking action, investing in yourself, and trusting others who have the expertise to do something you might not be awesome at yourself. And that’s actually more than okay to not be super great in every facet of your business.


Because we all have our specific strengths and areas that we thrive in!!

So be honest with yourself – is your digital footprint more than just two steps? Are you taking the right actions to create a sustainable business for yourself by having a plan, showing up where your ideal clients are hanging out, and doing market research that is actually going to increase your profits rather than cause you to spend money with no return on your investment?

I’m willing to bet that you know a thing or two about Facebook and showing up in groups, but your digital footprint is seriously lacking!

Let us here at Savvy Strategista help you create a digital footprint that will take you the distance in your business and create long-term, sustainable growth that will show you what a return on investment really looks like!

You don’t have to do this alone. Knowing your area of strength is key to making your business explode with massive profit margins, so why are you trying to do something that doesn’t speak to your expertise?

Book a free consultation call with your Savvy Strategista today to take a closer look at your business and digital footprint – you may only be a few steps away from creating an incredible business that is getting you closer and closer to your dreams and goals each and every day!