Video. Let’s talk about the social value of video. I’ve discussed in blogs, on Facebook and with tweets how video has quickly become the leading form of engagement on social media. And I am far from a voice in the wilderness. Count in Mari Smith and other “big name” influencers.

Now, if you wait, soon enough someone makes a list of stats and puts together an Infographic for the non-believers.

Enter RendrFX (which creates logo reveals, slideshows, product promotion videos, and branding for personal YouTube channels). It has assembled “37 Video Marketing Statistics You Need To Know For 2017,” broken into eight categories:

  • video views by social network,
  • most popular forms of online content,
  • conversion rates,
  • who uses video,
  • your audience,
  • content,
  • video is the new TV,
  • video ad spending.

Interesting Video Statistics

Just making a video is not enough to assure success though. What kind of theme will you use? What type will resonate with your audience? The three most popular forms of content are comedy (39%), news (33%), music (31%).

How’s your landing page fixed for video? Video increases conversions by 80%.

Do you handle Real Estate Listings? 400% more inquiries for those who use video than those who don’t.

What about small businesses in general? 22% plan to post a video in the next 12 months.

But, beware— 4 of 5 users will click away if the video stalls while loading.

And that brings us to the last point. Just throwing together an aimless video to “make a video” will do more damage than good. If you need help in the digital marketing of your products and services, be it video or content, simply Ask Roxanne. Email me for a free consultation.