Why should small businesses invest limited time towards using the intricate niche targeting system within Facebook ads? Because niche targeting works! But, only if you do the preparation, planning and persistence required. According to an article in Business2Community.com:

“There are only 6% of all Facebook Pages advertising on Facebook which means 94% of ALL Business Facebook Pages are NOT utilizing Facebook niche targeting.”

That most likely means you. I won’t lie, there is a lot of work that goes into getting this particular social media process set up exactly right. Consider it similar to designing the digital wiring and plumbing of your house. You need to know everything you can about the type of customer you want to attract— because Facebook will ask you as you go through the niche targeting process. Provide no answer or a guess and well you know the old saying, “garbage in, garbage out.”

I like this article because it displays the wide list of data to select from in five categories. In fact there is a massive Infographic within the article that you can link to (from which we pulled our snippet)

  • Demographics“For your Facebook Ads to be successful, you must look at ways to ONLY target your ideal customer and the first way you do this is through demographics.”
  • Connections“You can run a campaign to JUST those who have liked your page, or people who have attended an event of yours or even friends of those who have engaged with your page.”
  • Interests“Targeting based on interests will give you an audience that is looking for what you are selling.”
  • Custom Audiences“You can also create a custom audience based on people who have visited your website.”
  • Behaviors“There are so many behaviors you can use to narrow down your search, and give you your perfect target customer.”

Grab a second cup of coffee if you’re reading this in the morning, or an extra bag of popcorn at night. Once you start you won’t want to stop. Unless you can’t finish, which brings us back to the factor in my opening sentence of “limited time.” If you, as the owner or manager of a small business have neither the time to read, nor absorb, nor understand, nor apply this information, then give me a call. I have the time. I have the experience. That’s what I do.