If you’re a realtor (or know a realtor), I want you to take a minute to really think about this: what is the number one problem in your business?

Is it getting people to buy the properties you show them? Probably not (if the property is in decent shape, of course). Or, is it getting potential clients IN the door to put you at the top of their mind when they start looking for a home?

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that it’s number 2 – getting potential clients in the actual door. You’re out there marketing yourself everyday – billboards, business cards, websites, etc… But what you’re not seeing is the ROI (return on investment) that you had hoped. And I don’t blame you for feeling a little discouraged on your pursuit to provide families with homes of their dreams.

But there is a way that you can actually get in front of more clients and provide them with detailed information about open houses and qualify more buyers all while saving you time and money! On the even more positive side, you get to really greet new prospects and let them feel nurtured from the minute they come in contact with you.

So how do you do all of that when you’re just one person? And if you have a team that could help you, there’s no way you could do all of the greeting and marketing with just a few people, right?

You’re exactly right! I want to share with you my secret weapon that will bring you all of the things and more to create some serious ROI and increase your profitability (every business owner’s dream).

Chatbots – the automated system of communicating with your potential clients and fostering relationships throughout an extended period of time.

I’ve been using Chatbots in my business for quite some time, and because I believe so strongly in their ability to skyrocket a business to the top, I help other business, like realtors, identify how they can use Chatbots in their business effectively and consistently to increase profitability and ROI.

So I want to give you 5 ways you can use Chatbots in your real estate business in the new year to bring in more clients and create long-lasting relationships (and, of course, increase your profit margin)!

  1. Live Conversation Transfer – If you have a messaging system such as Facebook messenger app or website messenger widget, you might find that keeping up with those requests to actually speak with you can become super difficult. But having a bot in your messenger can help transfer those requests to speak with you personally immediately in your hands without you having to do anything extra! Talk about qualifying leads and saving you time.
  2. Search MLS Listings – Those MLS listings can be quite overwhelming and time-consuming, I get it! That’s why a bot is crucial in your real estate business – it can take care of identifying the search requirements of your potential lead, actually search the MLS listings for matching properties, and return that data quickly with active listings (with photos) right into the messenger app you’re using! Hello time-saver!
  3. Estimate Home Values – I bet you’re wondering how this is even possible. But when you use a bot in your business, you could save a great amount of time answering questions like, “How is the market doing in ___ (insert their zip code of interest)?” What that does is save you the time of looking up the information and pushing it out to them manually because the bot will do it all for you!
  4. Initiate Immediate Contact – You might have tons of hits on your website daily, but unfortunately you cannot reach them all at the same time! That isn’t a problem anymore with a Chatbot. Now, you can initiate immediate contact with a potential buyer when they land on your site for the very first time. Messages are sent to them to upon clicking on your website, which initiates a conversation to open up the possibility of booking a time to talk on the phone regarding their specific needs.
  5. Keep Your Leads Updated – There is nothing worse than a potential client getting lost in the shuffle because your CRM (customer relationships manager) system isn’t up-to-date. Maybe someone has to wait for days before you contact them about a new property that has just come on the market that would be perfect for them. But unfortunately they missed out on their dream house because you were too slow to contact them! This does not have to happen anymore with a bot in your business – they will automatically update your leads on new properties, reduced pricing, etc… Talk about saving time and increasing profitability!


And there are so many other reasons to have a Chatbot in your real estate business, but that could take quite some time to explain it all! The long and short of it is – you need a Chatbot if you’re a realtor. Plain and simple.

Setting up Chatbots can seem like quite a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. Finding the right professionals to set them up in the correct places will set your business up for major success going into the new year!

What are you waiting for? It’s time to kick your business into HIGH gear and start bringing in those leads without much work on your end at all!