We’ve been in 2018 for a full week now, and it is amazing to me how much clarity I have gained in the last couple of weeks that has jump-started my year off on a perfect foot!

Let me tell you one thing – planning out your strategies and marketing including ALL of your offers for the upcoming year BEFORE the year actually comes is the key to a successful year! How do I know this? I may or may not have been doing this “business thing” for the last 20 years… I know a thing or two about this crazy business world.

But it didn’t start out that way… I haven’t always known how absolutely powerful having a strategy and marketing plan for my business at the start of the year truly was. As a fresh new business owner, you try to do it all at one time with no clear plan in place. That might work for a little bit, but if you get down to the actual facts such as return on investments and profit margins, you quickly see how having no plan has dire consequences on your profit centers!

Are you tired of feeling like each new year brings about a flurry of emotions, sometimes sheer panic? You know which moments I’m talking about – the moments where you’re laying in bed wondering if you did x, y, and z before you actually put out a, b, and c. The numbers flash across the screen inside your head telling you that you’re failing already (and you’re only 10 days into the new year)!

This really is no way to live your life, much less run your business! And because we have to stick together out there in the entrepreneurial world, I wanted to let you in on some Savvy Secrets that I have learned throughout the years to help my strategy and marketing plan kick some major butt and bring me into a new year with massive clarity and power!

Get really clear on what your revenue goals are for the year.

I think this one probably speaks for itself, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t truly analyze what they want their revenue to be before they start their year. When revenue goals are not laid out well in advance, there is a risk that you’ll lose sight of what you really want/need and start veering way off course with your offerings and products! This is not where you want to be during the year, so be clear with your revenue goals BEFORE the year starts!

Plan out each quarter according to your revenue goals listed above.

Once you have decided what you want/need your revenue goal to be for the year, you then get to break it down into quarters and determine what products/offerings/launches you have to do in order to meet that goal! So let’s just say you have a revenue goal of $200,000 for the year. We have 4 quarters in the year, which would make each quarter’s revenue goal $50,000 (about $16,700 per month x 3 months). That might seem super manageable or really terrifying, and either of those feelings is absolutely okay! But knowing what each quarter should produce for you in order to meet the yearly revenue goal will keep you on track throughout the year!

Get really clear on your offerings for the year.

A few weeks ago before the holidays, I got to spend some quality time with a very dear friend of mine who also is an entrepreneur in the online space. Our time together was spent solely focusing on my offers, products, and sales strategy for the upcoming year. And when I left our day together, I was in complete shock! Working together for a few hours produced something that I hadn’t had in my consulting business in quite some time. I was able to come up with some serious kick-butt offerings such as:

  • Power Hour: 1 hour with the business owner and me to come up with a clear marketing strategy (this could be a completely new strategy or a revamp of an old one)
  • 2 Hour Intensive/Fit It Now Plan: During this intensive, the business owner and I walk through step-by-step their current marketing plan (if any) and determine where the holes are currently leaking money! Businesses do not want to leak money, ever, so this plan is great for identifying problems and fixing them ASAP!
  • High-Level Marketing Mentorship: This plan is for 3-4 months of mentorship to help a business owner along the road of marketing and product launches. We have 2 calls a month with a 2-hour audit at the beginning of the contract together. Then, the business owner takes my tools, strategies, and advice to work their marketing magic in their own business.
  • Total Marketing Support: For 12 months, a business can get 2 calls per month, a special VIP day great for up-leveling or planning something major, and unlimited support outside of the calls!

These offers and packages were definitely ideas that I had swimming around in my head for quite some time before nailing them down with my sales coach. Had we not met before the new year started and really laid these all out (on big sticky notes, of course), I would NOT have these offers solidified and ready to go for the start of 2018! Now, I’m super clear on what I want to offer and when to offer it in order to meet my revenue goal for each month, quarter, and year! (And because I love marketing and strategy, this is something I’ve been doing with my clients for years but have forgotten my own plan in the process….this cannot be you!)

But having a plan like the one above could totally be you. You could have this plan laid out for yourself for the upcoming year and bust all of your revenue goals out of the freaking water!

I know how amazing it feels when life brings us clear plans without us having to do much work, but owning your own business will never be that simple! You’re in control of your own destiny, which means you have to have a plan in place to keep you in check!

Don’t have a plan yet? No worries! You’re only a few days into the new year, and there really is never a “bad” time to start planning (as long as you start planning)! If you want a killer marketing strategy like the one I just showed you, I’m ready to get you there! Clarity comes from talking it through with someone who knows business (cough cough.. I may know someone JUST like that)!

I’m ready for 2018… are you!? Book your strategy call today to get some real answers about how to make 2018 the BEST that it possibly can be while blowing up your revenue goals like you’ve never done before!