We’re already a couple of days into 2018 and plans are being made for businesses, just like your’s, to be wildly successful!

But what about your plans?

Are you done with making your plans for the new year, or are you still sitting behind a pile of papers wondering what your next step is (which is obviously not to throw the papers in the trash since you did spend hours writing them all out).

Let’s take a look at some of the key aspects of your business that you should be diving deep into during your planning to create the best year you’ve ever had!

  1. Take a look and evaluate where exactly you’re headed in the new year.

Think about it this way – what do you need to change in order to full attract new clients that are your ideal clients? With the ever-evolving marketing + business strategies going around the business world every single day, it’s important to keep a strong focus on what exactly you’re aiming to accomplish in the new year. Is it launching a couple of major courses? Do you want to create a show-stopping group program that will really WOW your clients? Or do you want to get away from 1:1 clients and move to more group programs and passive income? Be really intentional on where you want to spend your energy and know exactly where you’re headed before you even get there!

  1.  Understand how you can use organic reach in your business to its fullest potential.

Organic reach can be a hard term to fully grasp when you talk about reaching your potential clients, right? When you practice using organic reach, you will find yourself authentically engaging on social media, posting in groups manually, and posting manually to other platforms like Pinterest and LinkedIn. This is organic reach – when you are not paying for the interaction and traction you gain from the reach you’re achieving. BUT, you cannot only rely on organic reach to get in front of your ideal client. In fact, a recent experience that I have had shows that only 4% of your brands Facebook followers could actually be seeing your organic posts! However, with the right strategy you can use organic reach + paid advertisements to really boost up your visibility and increase your reach by huge jumps! Don’t put your eggs all into one basket this year – make sure you’re utilizing all avenues of which to reach your client!

3.   Get your marketing in order before the year really gets started to stay ahead of the game! 

While we all like to talk about organic reach because it = free, the recent studies are showing that 40% of chief marketing officers are stating that their social media ROI is actually underperforming. This is not necessarily a great thing for businesses when something underperforms in the business strategy (it’s actually terrible). It can be fixed, but that will take the company coming up with a clear and solid marketing plan to really stay ahead of the game. It’s also important to understand that with the new strategies, algorithms, and changing ‘marketing” rules that are out there, it’s time to pay to play the big game! If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, it’s time to start investing in marketing tools with a clear plan in hand for the best possible outcome!

Your 2018 plan doesn’t have to be a figment of your imagination or a dream you had one day while napping on your couch! Those plans can become your reality if you let them! Getting a solid plan in place to really boost your business and increase your marketing will take your products and programs to even further heights than you could imagine!

And doing it alone doesn’t have to be your only option, either. Running your own business can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be! This is the perfect opportunity for you to take advantage of the new year and get a strategy session on the books with your Savvy Strategista to help you come up with the best marketing plan to propel your business 10,000 steps ahead of where it currently is! We can look for new profit center possibilities, build your digital foundation, and/or look for places where you’ve got those pesky holes that money is leaking through each day!

A strategy session could be exactly what you’re needing to make 2018 THE absolute best year yet.

What are you waiting for? 2018 is already here – there’s literally no time to waste anymore!