We are rapidly approaching 2018 (how I honestly have no idea), and things are getting crazy in the online world. There are automations for every single thing you do in your online business, and there are so many more automations that people are not utilizing on a day-to-day basis to bring in more leads than ever into their business – one of those automations that people are not utilizing: ChatBots!

I get it! You might not even know what a ChatBot is, and you wouldn’t be alone, I promise! In today’s digital age, it is easy to get lost in the jargon that is thrown around from every side of the computer screen. It’s even easier to get so lost that terms like automation and ChatBots seem like a foreign language.

But ChatBots don’t have to be scary, or like a foreign word to you! Going into 2018, you need to be using ChatBots to absolutely crush every goal you have set in place! Why? Because ChatBots are making the way for people like YOU to have more passive income, create more lead generation than ever before, and keep clients and potential leads happier than ever! YES PLEASE!

Alright, Roxanne, what’s so special about ChatBots that I have to go out and start using one right. this. second?

I’m so glad you asked!! Here are the top 6 reasons you NEED to be using a Facebook Messenger ChatBot to Absolutely CRUSH your goals in 2018!


#1: Meet Your Customers Where They Are

People use messenger platforms to communicate with others more often than any other means to date.  This trend is happening and will continue to happen… Think about it. How do you mostly talk to your friends, coworkers, and family?  Do you still open up your email app, type a one to two sentence email, and send it off in hopes of a reply HOURS later? I bet that’s a NO!  Why not take that same philosophy and meet your customers where they are – right in their Facebook Messenger inbox!

#2: Companies NEED to Use Messenger Apps ASAP

Companies need (not should) to use messaging apps.  Facebook Messenger reported over 1 BILLION monthly active users according to Tech Crunch.  BI Insider also reported that more people are on messenger apps, such as Facebook Messenger, than any other social media site.  Marketing is all about finding your target audience, so go straight to them and solve their problems.

#3: Use Messenger ChatBots to Drip Information to Your Audience

Messenger Bots are the ideal way to educate and sell to your customers. You are able to drip educational messages about your products and services to your audience and potential clients to warm them up to you so that you can continually build trust. What does this turn into? SALES! What do you want MORE of? SALES!

#4: Talk DIRECTLY to Your Specific Customers’ Needs

Messenger ChatBots are ideal to track and segment your customers with just a few clicks.  With a ChatBot, you can speak and sell differently to the different types of segmented groups – something that has not been easily done before. You can’t do this with email in just a few clicks through a form, but you CAN with ChatBots!   

#5: Facebook Messenger Is Your TOP Place to Start

Where is the best place to start to build ChatBots? In Facebook, of course! Why?  Because the ChatBots are so aggressive and supportive in this field. Facebook gave open access to ChatBots many years ago. You have access to 1BILLION active users on Facebook daily – that’s more than enough people to start interacting with to get your business off and running!

#6:  Replace Your Customer Service Reps In a SNAP

The future of ChatBots will increase the handle on natural language requests which will replace apps and webpages as the main form of common interaction with their customers. The ideal world would have ChatBots replacing sales, customer service representatives, etc…


If you’re still not convinced that ChatBots can literally revolutionize your business in the online space, take a look at just how much marketing has changed over the years…

We started with postal mail as the main means of communication and outreach to potential customers.

Then, we started seeing banner ads along the highways, on street corners, and on benches.

Next came the birth of EMAIL! This was one of the hottest forms of communication because it reached such a larger audience number in much quicker time frame. AND, it was delivered to a customer’s home – convenience was KEY!

And while email seemed to be the easiest and fastest way to get your message out to the world in the moment, social media BURST onto the scene and created massive waves in the communication and marketing world! Faster, easier, and bigger – social media was IT for marketing!

Now, we’ve seen the birth of something newer and faster – messenger ChatBots. Without these automated communication systems, your business could be missing thousands upon thousands of leads and SALES!

So let’s get you ringing into the new year with a serious automated system that will lead you exactly to your audience, communicate to them in a personable manner, and create authentic connections through a few simple clicks and sends!

Go ahead and become one the early innovators in your field and seize this opportunity before you miss out on one of the most lucrative tools to build your business and make sales!

“Live in the future and build what is missing.”

Paul Graham, Co-Founder of Y Combinator