Cassi Lowe, who started RosyPost “to help business owners save time and money by using strategic marketing systems and automation” had an interesting blog featured in the Jun. 24, 2017 edition of the Market Simplicity Daily. The topic?  Remove the stress from marketing your business in 3 steps.

Running your small business or mompreneur startup has always been a stressful undertaking. I know. I’ve been there & done that. But, it has become more complicated by social media. And by WHICH platforms you should use.

You gotta use them all!

No. You. Don’t. Let’s get that out of the way. Not every platform will reach your target market. And if they do, you need to be skilled enough to determine how much effort & money you need to expend. It’s called ROI. Return on Investment.

Cassi suggests three courses of action:

  • Stop Trying to Do Everything
  • Create a Plan
  • Track What Matters, Eliminate the Rest

Pretty much what I just said in the above paragraph. Cassi goes into detail, speaking from experience having spent 10 years in the design & marketing field, working with a broad range of businesses.

She suggests “If you’re not sure which direction to go with your marketing, try conducting limited time experiments.” Focus on one or two social media networks. Give them two or three months to show results. Then if you wish, try two others.

Once you know your path, Facebook and Twitter or Instagram and Pinterest, or any combination, or none, then create a plan of action to drive engagement with these tools.

And then track what matters. She is so on the mark. Too often small business owners get caught up in the distractions of “likes” and “impressions” numbers.

You just had a cute kitty post get 2000 likes or impressions. Great, Facebook is working. But no one is buying your lightning rods. Bad, Facebook is not working.

You need to be measuring metrics that impact your business goals. Cute kitties don’t sell Lightning Rods (unless — free advice here – the kitty is named Lightning and is your logo).

Too many distractions water down your efforts. Focus on the message you want to share with the target market and the best plan to reach them.

And read Cassi’s blog.

If you still need help with any of these steps, please give me a call. We’ll sit down for coffee and a free consultation.