Tasked with using one word to describe the key takeaway from the recent Social Media Marketing World 2017 in San Diego, what would be my choice? VIDEO! I am just getting back home now but it is as fresh in my mind as when I heard it the first, second and 50th time. Video is the wave of the future in social media.

Yes, written content — well written content— will still be valuable. Look you are reading this, correct? But for most target marketing to a buying audience, video will be the way to go.

This comes as no surprise. Last year, Animoto (an award-winning online video creation application which makes it easy for anyone to create professional video) surveyed 1000 marketers and 1000 SMB to learn about their social media and video marketing practices.

Animoto reports that 84% of marketers and 55% of SMB owners created or commissioned a marketing video during the 12 months prior to the 2016 survey. If they were doing that much then, consider where you better be in your social media marketing mix today with videos to keep up with your competition.

Check out the Infographic at the end of the blog for the full results, but in a clever move (I guess to highlight the value of video) they also made a video about the survey.

I will have more on this topic in my next blog, but I thought I would give you some background this time.