Ask Rox: Giving A Helping Hand to Women Entrepreneurs

Being a self-made businesswoman I can attest to the fact that female mentors were few and far between over my (12?) years as an entrepreneur in Wisconsin & Minnesota markets. While some men helped, some got in the way. I wish there had been something like Hello Alice, a new machine-learning platform designed specifically for women entrepreneurs.

It’s a great idea from Dell and an organization called Circular Board (virtual accelerator for female entrepreneurs) to “connect users with information, mentors, referrals, and other resources.”

Basically, it’s a more business-focused Alexa or Siri. It asks you about your needs and then searches its memory for connections to answers held by the Small Business Administration and other organizations such as Case Foundation, the Kauffman Foundation, and Y Combinator. And eventually, its memory will be filled with comments and recommendations of its female user base

The article that I used for source material then goes on to show that Hello Alice is even more than a general reference tool.

Creator Carolyn Rodz  is quoted as saying “women tend to respond better to step-by-step frameworks—start at A and end at Z,”  This she said was contrary to the way she observed that men, “start with the big picture and then drill down.”

She wanted to create something that worked with this step-by-step female mindset. And I think she is on to something. Hello, Alice is free during this initial period of availability. If you are an entrepreneur, or maybe a mompreneur struggling to find the right info, resources, or even a mentor who knows what you are going through, give this a try.